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Todd Chrisley’s Net Worth, Salary, Earnings & Biography 2020

Current estimated net worth: $6 million

Todd Chrisley is an American businessman, real estate mogul and TV personality, born in Georgia on April 6, 1969 and raised in Westminster, South Carolina. Chrisley is best known for being the patriarch of the wealthy Chrisley family, as well as being the main star of hit reality show Chrisley Knows Best. Todd Chrisley was also known for his luxurious lifestyle and extravagant spending, which many have criticized. Chrisley lives with his family in Nashville, Tennessee, which includes his children, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson, along with his wife and his mother. He was the head of Chrisley Asset Management (CAM) which went bankrupt in 2013, likely due to some of his over-the-top spending on clothing, homes and cars.

Although many of Chrisley’s business ventures have been unsuccessful, their family reality along with its spinoff Growing Up Chrisley have proven to be quite popular in both American households and abroad for their “rather real” life. Furthermore, Todd released a successful country single, and his daughter started her own clothing line. Chrisley and his wife have both been investigated for bank fraud, tax evasion and other criminal offenses, however, have yet to be found guilty of those charges.

Todd Chrisley has an estimated net worth of approximately $6 million, however, this is a highly controversial topic. After his company went bankrupt, Chrisley revealed that he was almost $50 million in debt, but had over $4.5 million in total assets. Part of this massive debt was a $12 million mortgage on their Atlanta mansion which they since have moved out of. The Chrisley currently live in a much more “modest” $4.5 million home in Nashville. It is unknown how much the family earns through their various TV shows, however, it is enough to keep their high-spending lifestyles afloat along with Julie Chrisley’s personal net worth that saved the family’s finances. Although it is difficult to determine Todd’s net worth, his $50 million has been settled after the reality star agreed to pay $150,000.

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