Sooshbrah’s Net Worth 2021 & Salary, Earnings and Income for 2020

Estimated Net Worth: $245,000

Estimated Salary: $115,000

We estimate Sooshbrah’s current net worth to be $245,000 largely based on his income and salary of $115,000 which he has made as a Youtuber and social media personality.


Brandon, also known as Sooshbrah is a famous social media personality and Youtuber who has become very popular among the fitness community, with more than 2 million followers on TikTok, 115,000 on Instagram and 90,000 subscribers on Youtube. Soosh made his breakthrough after posting his 4-year body transformation and sharing consistent content on social media of his fitness progress. He has now built a large social media following and fitness “cult” with fellow fitness influencers and loyal fans. He is associated with other famous fitness Youtuber’s like James English, Noelle Leyva, and Jesse James West. Many have debated whether Soosh is abusing anabolics to enhance his physique, due to his rapid growth and development in a relatively short period of time.

Nevertheless, Sooshbrah is becoming one of the fastest growing fitness influencers in the world and he currently has an estimated net worth of $245,000. He has earned his net worth through social media marketing, endorsing brands like gorilla mind and YoungLA, as well as through Youtube ad revenue, where he makes an estimated $50,000 annually and growing. He currently drives a Mercedes-Benz E-Class with a starting price around $53,000.

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