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Roelly Winklaar, born on June 22, 1977, is a professional bodybuilder from the beautiful Caribbean island of Curaçao. He has been an inspiration to many in the fitness industry and has made a big name for himself as one of the top bodybuilders in the world. With his birthday countdown in full swing, it's a great time to delve deeper into his life, workout routine, and net worth.


Born in Willemstad, Curaçao, Roelly Winklaar was the youngest of six siblings. He developed an interest in bodybuilding early on, drawing inspiration from his older brother Etienne, who was a former Mr. Curaçao. Seeing how physical fitness transformed his brother, Roelly developed a passion for the sport and started training in his teen years.

In 2009, Roelly made his breakthrough into the professional arena by winning the prestigious Arnold Amateur title. His unwavering dedication and impeccable work ethic led to his first professional win at the 2010 IFBB New York Pro. Since then, he has continued to compete at the highest level, earning numerous top placements at events like the Mr. Olympia contest and the Arnold Classic.

Net Worth

Roelly's dedication to bodybuilding has paid off in terms of his net worth as well. While the exact figures are not publicly disclosed, it's known that Roelly has a substantial income generated through competition winnings, personal training, endorsements, and guest appearances. He's sponsored by multiple brands within the fitness industry, including Yamamoto Nutrition and Gorilla Wear.

Workout Routine

Roelly Winklaar's workout routine is centered around a rigorous training regimen that consistently pushes his body to the limit. Always striving for constant improvement, he places great emphasis on building mass and extreme muscle conditioning. Let's take a brief look at his workout routine:

Training Split

Roelly follows a traditional bodybuilding split, training six days a week and allowing one day for rest. His training schedule usually looks like this:

  1. Monday – Chest
  2. Tuesday – Back
  3. Wednesday – Legs
  4. Thursday – Shoulders
  5. Friday – Arms
  6. Saturday – Calves and Abs
  7. Sunday – Rest

Key Exercises

While Roelly's workout program consists of various exercises, some of the key movements in his routine include:

  • Compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench press for overall muscle mass and strength.
  • Heavy and controlled isolation movements, such as leg curls, cable crossovers, and lateral raises, for optimal muscle contraction.
  • Unique exercises, like the Winklaar Triple Power Fly, to target specific muscle groups and add variety to his training.
  • Roelly also includes a rigorous cardio regimen comprising 30-45 minutes of daily cardio, both for fat loss and improved cardiovascular health.

Training Philosophy

Roelly Winklaar's training philosophy focuses on maintaining a strong mind-body connection, perfecting his form, and listening to his body. He believes in making constant progress and learning new techniques, ensuring he never hits a plateau.


Roelly Winklaar is a fantastic example of hard work, determination, and unwavering commitment to the world of bodybuilding. His impressive physique, trademark smile, and genuine personality have earned him a huge following both on stage and off. As his birthday countdown progresses, we can't wait to see what's next for this inspiring athlete.

Roelly Winklaar's Residence and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Roelly Winklaar live?

Roelly Winklaar has made Amsterdam his home during the off-season. However, when he is preparing for a competition, you can find him at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait City. This famous gym has become a popular training location for many dedicated bodybuilders.

What is Roelly Winklaar's background?

Roelly Winklaar, also known as "The Dutch Beast," was born on June 22, 1977, in Curaçao, an island in the Caribbean. He grew up there and eventually moved to the Netherlands, where he started his bodybuilding career. Roelly's dedication and hard work paid off when he won the 2009 Arnold Amateur, launching his professional career in bodybuilding.

How did Roelly Winklaar get into bodybuilding?

Roelly was first introduced to bodybuilding by his late brother, Etienne Winklaar, who encouraged him to pursue a career in the sport. Etienne saw immense potential in Roelly's physique and believed he could make it to the top of the professional bodybuilding world. Sadly, Etienne passed away in a motorcycle accident, but Roelly continued chasing his dream in honor of his brother.

What are some of Roelly Winklaar's notable achievements?

Throughout his bodybuilding career, Roelly has achieved several prestigious titles and placements. Some of his notable accomplishments include:

  • Winning the 2009 Arnold Amateur, which earned him a professional card
  • Earning a third-place finish at the 2018 Mr. Olympia competition
  • Being awarded the 2018 People's Champion title at the Mr. Olympia competition

How does Roelly Winklaar train for competitions?

Roelly is known for his incredible work ethic and intensity in the gym. To prepare for contests, he typically trains at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait City, where he meticulously follows a well-structured workout program. He trains alongside other elite bodybuilders, focusing on specific muscle groups and constantly pushing his body to its limits to achieve peak performance.

What is Roelly's advice for aspiring bodybuilders?

Roelly Winklaar emphasizes the importance of consistency, discipline, and hard work for those who want to succeed in bodybuilding. He also encourages aspiring bodybuilders to stay humble and focused on their goals, regardless of the challenges they may face along the way. By doing so, they can not only achieve great results but also inspire others to follow their passion.

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