Rhino USA vs Yankum: The Best Kinetic Recovery Ropes Compared

Our Verdict: The Rhino USA kinetic recovery rope was the winner and clear choice in my comparison.

Kinetic recovery ropes, also known as “snatch ropes”, are one of the safest tools for off-road and mud-pit recoveries. A kinetic recovery rope can stretch up to four times more than a traditional tow strap which allows for more energy to be stored in the rope and results in a much smoother yank on both vehicles and a safe recovery for everyone involved.

If you drive a Jeep, 4×4, truck, ATV or do any sort of off-roading or overlanding a kinetic rope is an absolute essential and a much cheaper and safer alternative to a winch. We have done extensive research on various kinetic recovery ropes from the top brands and in this article we will be comparing the Rhino USA 1” x 30’Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope to Yankum’s 1” Kinetic Recovery Rope “Rattler”

The Breakdown

Rhino USA  1” x 30’Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope

Rhino USA is arguably the most premier off-road recovery and power sports brand. They have built a highly trusted brand that is backed by high-quality tie downs, recovery gear, and accessories that all include a guaranteed lifetime warranty. Rhino USA is a company based out of Temecula, California and founded by a father and his two sons who have a passion for everything off-road. All of their products are designed and tested in the US, and they definitely make some of the best gear out there.

I received free shipping on our Rhino USA order and when it arrived in just three days, I was absolutely ecstatic about the look and feel of the rope along with the heavy duty bag that is included, and a free sticker pack (those are going straight on my Jeep). As soon as I opened the package I could immediately tell that this was a quality recovery rope, where everything had been taken into consideration during the design process.

Of course I had to test it out, the first time I went off-roading, and man does it perform! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to hook up and how effortlessly it pulled out my more than 5,000lb Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. To attempt to test its durability, I performed three more recoveries on my buddies’ Jeep, Tacoma, and 4Runner TRD PRO, and they came out just as easily as the first recovery with no signs of wear or fraying on any part of the rope or Rhino USA soft shackle (will need to update after more use). Truly impressed by this brand and product, but I tried to break it down into some pro’s and con’s:


  • Guaranteed lifetime warranty
  • Definitely the best looking recovery rope
  • 34,370lb maximum break strength
  • Anti-scratch protective sleeves are a nice touch
  • Double-braided nylon with reflective stitching (safer recoveries at night)


  • No sizes above 1” x 30’
  • Does not include d-ring or soft shackles

Yankum 1” Kinetic Recovery Rope “Rattler”

Yankum is a well known recovery brand in the US, specifically for their premium kinetic recovery ropes. All of Yankum’s products are designed, tested, and made in the USA which we absolutely love! Although, Yankum is not as widely known as Rhino USA, I have heard a lot of chatter about how good their kinetic recovery rope is, so that is what prompted this comparison.

When I first received the kinetic recovery rope from Yankum which took about 6-7 days I was very surprised by the weight of the actual rope, which felt heavy and very high-quality. As I expected, the packaging and presentation was not on the same level as Rhino USA and the bag that was included was also not as impressive. Nevertheless, the quality of the rope was getting me very excited to take it out for a test with some friends.

Just like my first test with Rhino USA’s kinetic rope, I hooked up the Yankum “Rattler” to my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and attempted to get it unstuck from a mudpit. Once again, the recovery was effortless and the setup actually took slightly less time than with the Rhino USA rope. I tried to be as consistent with both products as possible, so I tested the durability of the rope by hooking it up to my buddies’ off-road vehicles. The recovery went very smoothly for the Jeep, as well as the Tacoma (both weigh less than 5,000lbs), however, the rope seemed to struggle on my buddy’s 4Runner TRD Pro. I’m not exactly sure if this had anything to do with this vehicle weighing closer to 6,000lbs and Yankum’s 1” rope having a slightly lower working load limit than the Rhino USA, or if the tires had sunk into the mudpit a little further than the others, requiring a little more force. I do have to say this; the Yankum rope was super durable and showed absolutely no signs of wear, and the material was completely unfazed by the four recoveries.


  • Super durable double braided rope
  • Made in the USA
  • Maximum break strength of 33,500lbs
  • Extremely high-quality
  • Many size options


  • No Lifetime warranty 
  • Slightly lower working load limit and MBS
  • Doesn’t include d-ring or soft shackles

The Bottom Line: Our Verdict

Rhino USA and Yankum make some of the toughest and best looking kinetic recovery ropes available. Rhino USA is a very established brand that has built up a lot of trust in the off-road community, and Yankum specializes in kinetic recovery ropes, offering a large selection of ropes for all types of vehicles. For this comparison, I featured both brands’ 1” rope and attempted to test them in the exact same manner with different vehicles for consistent and unbiased results. 

From the unboxing, to the final recovery, I found that both of these products are extremely high-quality, made with the best materials and designed to last. During my testing I did find the Yankum rope to be easier to set up (by a small margin), however, I do believe it fell short when it came to recovery. The Rhino USA kinetic recovery rope was very impressive during recovery. It effortlessly yanked all four vehicles out of the mud and it actually seemed to have more stretch in the rope compared to Yankum, which could be why it was more effective.

I believe that Rhino USA wins this comparison, based on the fact that it was much more memorable and exciting to unbox, it includes a wonderful high-quality carrying bag, as well as a lifetime warranty, and most importantly, it was superior during recovery testing. I personally think that Yankum’s rope felt heavier and more dense which is a nod to its great quality, but there were just more impressive features about the Rhino USA and the trusted brand itself that would make me want to purchase from them again!

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