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Reza Farahan’s Net Worth, Salary, Earnings & Biography 2020

Current estimated net worth: $7.5 million

Reza Farahan is an Iranian-American realtor, designer, and TV personality known for being one of the stars on Bravo TV’s Shahs of Sunset. Reza was born on August 5, 1973, in Iran and has been in real estate for the last 17 years, establishing himself as one of the best at his firm (Keller Williams) and in the area of Sunset. Reza is openly gay and has been married to his husband Adam Neely since 2015. The couple have reportedly struggled in their marriage and even before, and this is highlighted in Season 8 of Shahs of Sunset. Reza has revealed that one of the reasons he chose to become a part of the BravoTV series, was to bring awareness and help others with their sexuality.

Reza Farahan is one of the richest cast members of Shahs of Sunset with an estimated net worth of approximately $7.5 million. He has earned much of his fortune through hard work in the real estate business and as a TV personality appearing on many seasons of Shahs of Sunset. He reportedly earns around $18,000 per episode of the show, which quickly adds up when each season has around 15 episodes. Recently, Reza started his own unisex luxury haircare line called “Be Obsessed by Reza” which has already had a very successful launch.

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