Paul Muni Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth: $2.45 Million
Estimated Salary: $170 Thousand
Known For: Movie Actor
Birthdate: September 22, 1895
Birthplace: Lviv,

Net Worth & Salary

Based on my research, I estimate that Paul Muni has an estimated 2023 net worth of roughly $2.45 Million and an estimated annual salary of $170 Thousand.


Paul Muni was a movie actor who was born on September 22, 1895 in Lviv, Ukraine. He immigrated to the United States with his family when he was seven years-old, and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Muni was a six-time Oscar nominee, and won a Best Actor Award for his performance in the 1936 film, The Story of Louis Pasteur. The film chronicled the life of the doctor who founded Germ Theory. He was also a New York Film Critics Circle Award and a Tony Award winner.

Muni’s career began in the early 1920s when he started performing in Yiddish theater. He was soon discovered by Hollywood, and made his film debut in the 1928 movie, The Valiant. He went on to star in a number of films, including the 1932 classic Scarface, which was about Al Capone. He also starred in the Broadway play, A Flag is Born, alongside Marlon Brando.

Muni married stage actress Bella Finkel in 1921, and the couple remained together until his death in 1967. He was one of the most acclaimed actors of his time, and his legacy continues to live on through his many films and performances. He was a master of his craft, and his performances will continue to be remembered for years to come.

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