OhcluckToys Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth: $2.49 Million
Estimated Salary: $276 Thousand
Known For: YouTube Star
Birthdate: September 27, 1992
Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Net Worth & Salary

Based on my research, I estimate that OhcluckToys has an estimated 2023 net worth of roughly $2.49 Million and an estimated annual salary of $276 Thousand.


Tiffany, better known as OhcluckToys, is a YouTube star from Pennsylvania who was born on September 27, 1992. She is a toy collector who has a popular YouTube channel featuring toy hunting, unboxings, and toy review videos.

Before fame, Tiffany started out on YouTube in June 2013 with her vlogging channel Ohcluck. She then created her toy channel in December 2015. Tiffany graduated from college early with a business management and accounting degree and became vegan in 2015.

Tiffany’s younger sister Jenna has appeared on her channel. She also has several pets, including a dog, cat, and hamster. Tiffany is associated with LouLou Vitt, another toy collector.

Tiffany has become a popular YouTube star with her channel OhcluckToys. She has gained a large following with her toy hunting, unboxings, and toy review videos. Her channel has become a great resource for toy collectors and fans alike.

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