Morgan Wallen and Paige Lorenze are calling it quits!

Controversial country singer Morgan Wallen has split up with his girlfriend Paige Lorenze just two weeks after going public with their relationship. The lovebirds, who are both in their early twenties and come from famous families, had been dating for a month before they went public on Instagram. And it looks like all that publicity was too much for the young lovers. Despite being happy when they first revealed their romance to fans last week, the couple have now taken to social media again to announce that they have parted ways. It’s not clear what led to the split but sources close to them say there were some issues between them as soon as they went public which caused this break-up. The exact nature of these problems is unclear, but given.

Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen was born on November 19, 1993 in Sneedville, Tennessee. Raised in the small town of Hancock County, he grew up with a love and appreciation for music. At an early age, he learned to play the guitar and sing, and by his teenage years he had begun writing his own songs.

In 2013, Morgan moved to Nashville to pursue a career in country music. He soon caught the attention of industry professionals and began working with some of the biggest names in the business. In 2017, Morgan released his debut album, If I Know Me, which debuted at number one on the iTunes country chart. His latest single, “Whiskey Glasses,” has been topping the charts since its release in February 2018

Paige Lorenze

Paige Lorenze is a successful businesswoman who has created and sold several businesses. She attributes her success to her willingness to think creatively and evaluate her ideas objectively. Paige believes that it’s important to be able to generate new ideas, analyze them, and judge their worth. She has developed habits which allow her to do this effectively.

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