Mike O’Hearn Biography, Net Worth & Workout Routine


Mike O'Hearn is a renowned fitness icon, bodybuilder, personal trainer, and model who has gained immense popularity and success in the fitness industry. His dedication to fitness, knowledge of the industry, and approachable personality has allowed him to connect with millions of fans and followers, making him a living legend in the world of bodybuilding. In this blog post, we will explore Mike O'Hearn's biography, his remarkable net worth, as well as his workout routine.

Mike O'Hearn's Biography

Born on January 26, 1969, in Kirkland, Washington, Mike O'Hearn grew up in a family of nine siblings who all shared a passion for fitness and athleticism. This experience shaped the course of his entire life as he quickly realized that fitness was not just a hobby, but a deeply ingrained part of his identity.

Mike O'Hearn began his journey in the fitness industry as a competitive bodybuilder at the young age of 14 years old. Over the years, his dedication and hard work paid off, earning him several bodybuilding titles, such as Mr. Universe and Mr. America, and securing his place as one of the top bodybuilders in the world. He also became a successful fitness model, gracing the covers of numerous magazines like Muscle & Fitness, Ironman, and others.

His success in bodybuilding and modeling eventually led him to the world of television and acting. Mike O'Hearn appeared in several TV shows like American Gladiator, where he portrayed the famous character 'Titan,' and his popularity continued to soar.

Throughout his career, Mike O'Hearn has been dedicated to sharing his knowledge and passion for fitness with others. As a personal trainer, he has helped countless individuals achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier lives.

Net Worth

Mike O'Hearn's extensive career in the fitness industry, spanning over three decades, has yielded an impressive net worth. His ventures in modeling, acting, and personal training, along with endorsement deals, have allowed him to accumulate an estimated net worth of around $2.5 million. This financial success is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and perseverance, solidifying his status as a fitness icon.

Workout Routine

Mike O'Hearn is best known for his incredible physique, and it should come as no surprise that he adheres to an intense workout routine to maintain and further develop his body. His workout routine primarily focuses on weightlifting, resistance training, and functional movements, with an emphasis on discipline and consistency.

A typical workout week for Mike O'Hearn consists of training different muscle groups on each day, allowing for adequate rest and recovery. His workouts incorporate a mix of compound exercises, isolation movements, and cardiovascular exercises designed to improve strength, size, and stamina.

Here's a glimpse of Mike O'Hearn's workout routine:

  1. Monday: Chest and Calves
  2. Tuesday: Back
  3. Wednesday: Legs and Calves
  4. Thursday: Shoulders
  5. Friday: Arms and Calves
  6. Saturday: Cardio
  7. Sunday: Rest

Mike O'Hearn's approach to fitness emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and a healthy mindset. He believes that consistent training, along with attention to these crucial elements, will lead to overall success in achieving one's fitness goals.


Mike O'Hearn's biography, net worth, and workout routine are a testament to the astounding success he has achieved in the world of fitness. His dedication to maintaining and improving his physique has made him an inspiration to millions of fitness enthusiasts. As a true fitness legend, Mike O'Hearn's accomplishments in bodybuilding, modeling, acting, and personal training have created an impressive legacy that will continue to inspire future generations of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Is Mike O'Hearn a Father?

Yes, Mike O'Hearn does indeed have a child. His son, named Titan O'Hearn, has already caught the public's attention, thanks to his father's well-known accomplishments in the world of bodybuilding, acting, and being a fitness legend.

How Old is Titan O'Hearn?

Titan's age is not publicly available, but we know that he is a young child who is already following in his dad's footsteps. He first made headlines when a video was shared on the internet of him doing a dangerous task for $20 on his fourth birthday.

Who Shared the Video of Titan O'Hearn?

Titan's video was initially shared by former NFL fullback Heath Evans on his Instagram account. In the video, little Titan proved that he had the fearlessness and strength that runs in the O'Hearn family.

What Was the Dangerous Task Titan O'Hearn Performed?

While specific details of the task are not crucial, it was a physical challenge that would be considered dangerous for a young child of his age. Titan's bravery and strength at such a young age garnered much attention and praise from the fitness community.

Will Titan O'Hearn Pursue a Career in Fitness?

Although it's too soon to say what path Titan will choose in life, it's evident that fitness plays a significant role in the O'Hearn family. With the overwhelming success of his father, Mike O'Hearn, Titan certainly has some big shoes to fill if he decides to pursue a fitness career.

Building on the O'Hearn Legacy

Mike O'Hearn has already achieved great success in various aspects of the fitness world, including bodybuilding competitions, acting roles, and supporting health and wellness through education. With Titan taking on challenges at such a young age, he is proof that the O'Hearn family's passion for fitness is going strong.

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