Luciano Schipelliti Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth: $2.2 million

Luciano Schipelliti is a famous Entrepreneur. Luciano is a Aquarius, born on 1/31/1997 in Winchester, MA. He is known for being a hedge fund manager and for starting a website which is a cryptocurrency signaling service named “premium”, one of the largest of its kind. Luciano became an entrepreneur at the age of just 14, creating graphic designs for Youtube and later moving on to founding his own graphic and website design company. Over time Luciano has started dozens of different businesses using his entrepreneurial skill and creative knowledge to now manage six different companies including: Vloxer Marketing LLC, Superstars Investment Group, Graphics Empire, and more. He has also been featured in articles by MoneyInc, Fox, ABC, and NBC, for his rising fame in the business world.

Luciano currently spends a lot of his time traveling and sharing his knowledge on cryptocurrency to the world.

We estimate Luciano’s current net worth to be $2.2 million, based on his salary and earnings as an entrepreneur through his various companies, and his income as a cryptocurrency trader. His net worth is quite a feat for someone who was in debt just a few years ago.

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