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Leaked iPhone 14 Images: What will it look like?

The Design

No one knows for sure, but the renders of the iPhone 14 that have been circulating look pretty convincing. The design is similar to the iPhone 12, with a few subtle changes.

iPhone 14 Cases
(Image Credit: Weibo)

The camera module is slightly larger and protrudes less from the body, and the bezels appear to be even thinner.

iPhone 14 Rendering
(Image credit: Max Weinbach)

One rumor suggests that Apple will ditch the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C, but that seems unlikely given how entrenched Lightning is in the ecosystem. In any case, we’ll find out soon enough!

(Image credit: Alibaba/Macotakara)

The leak of recent reports appears to have spilled the beans on what Apple plans for their next flagship phone. The iPhone 14 Pro Max, according to these documents obtained by 9to5Mac and Bloomberg will feature a number changes that aim at making it slimmer while still maintaining enough screen space without sacrificing sensor technology required in Face ID; all this news comes just weeks after we found out how slimming down Plus models were going be possible thanks largely due

When will the iPhone 14 be released?

Apple has a habit of announcing new iPhones in September. With previous releases taking place during the first two weeks, it’s likely that this time around we’ll see an iPhone 14 variant at some point between Week 1 and 3 where there are no other major events happening right now (like maybe WWDC).

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