Josh Kesselman’s Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth: $42 Million

Josh Kesselman is the founder and owner of RAW Rolling Papers, a vegan rolling paper company. Josh was fascinated with rolling papers even as a child. He has stated in interviews that at the age of 5 he saw his Dad light a piece of rice rolling paper on fire, throw it in the air, and magically watched it disappear. His Dad was known to smoke rolled cigarettes when josh was younger.

After a stint in retail, Josh founded RAW, which is a separated from the competition by being a vegan rolling paper brand. RAW’s rolling papers are made of natural hemp fibers and contain no dyes, hence the brown look. Most rolling papers are white and use chemical dyes in their chemistry.

Josh has larger than life personality! He’s been known to smoke joints as large as a human arm and to drive a “vegan” Ferrari.

We estimate that Josh Kesselman has a net worth of roughly $42 million currently based mostly on his income and salary as the founder of RAW Rolling Papers.

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