Joan Baez Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth: $1.31 Million
Estimated Salary: $246 Thousand
Known For: Folk Singer
Birthdate: January 9, 1941
Birthplace: Staten Island,

Net Worth & Salary

Based on my research, I estimate that Joan Baez has an estimated 2023 net worth of roughly $1.31 Million and an estimated annual salary of $246 Thousand.


Joan Baez is an iconic folk singer and political activist, best known for her songs such as “Diamonds & Rust,” “We Shall Overcome,” and “Joe Hill.” Born on January 9, 1941 in Staten Island, New York, Baez began performing while attending Boston University. Her first instrument was a ukulele, which was given to her by a friend of the family.

Baez has had a long and successful career, and is credited with influencing many other artists. Led Zeppelin famously covered her song “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” and she sang “Buddha’s Delight” and “Slam” for the Music and Lyrics soundtrack. She also dueted with Hugh Grant on “Way Back into Love.”

In addition to her musical career, Baez was also a political activist. She married David Harris on March 26, 1968, and the couple had a son named Gabriel before divorcing on February 15, 1974. Baez continues to perform and advocate for social justice causes to this day.

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