How to Go Live as an Influencer on Amazon

To livestream on Amazon, influencers must join the Amazon Influencer Program and use the Amazon Live Creator app.


Steps to Go Live as an Influencer on Amazon
Phase Description Key Actions Tools/Resources
Eligibility Ensure you meet the criteria for the Amazon Influencer Program – Maintain active social media presence
– Have a significant follower base
– Produce high-quality content
Amazon Influencer Program Page
Application Apply to join the Amazon Influencer Program – Visit the program page
– Click ‘Join Now’
– Submit your application
Amazon Influencer Program Page
Technical Setup Prepare your live streaming environment – Invest in quality camera and mic
– Set up professional lighting
– Ensure strong internet connection
Amazon Live Creator App
Content Planning Plan the content for your live broadcast – Research audience preferences
– Choose relevant products
– Design engaging content structure
Amazon Live Creator App
Going Live Start the live stream – Log in to Amazon Live Creator app
– Set stream details
– Interact with viewers in real-time
Amazon Live Creator App
Promotion Advertise your live stream to your audience – Share schedule on social media
– Announce streams in advance
– Engage audience pre-stream
Amazon Promotional Tools
Post-Stream Analyze performance and follow up – Review performance metrics
– Gather audience feedback
– Engage viewers post-stream
Amazon Promotional Tools
Monetization Earn money through product sales and partnerships – Maximize product sales commissions
– Seek sponsored content opportunities
– Study data to improve earnings
– Amazon Live Metrics
– Sponsorship Opportunities


This table provides a summary of steps, descriptions, key actions, and resources for influencers aiming to go live on Amazon. It is designed to visually supplement the article and guide influencers through the process from eligibility to monetization.

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Introduction to Amazon Live for Influencers

What is Amazon Live?

Amazon Live is a feature that allows influencers and brands to engage with their audience in a real-time video setting directly on Amazon. This platform combines entertainment and instant purchasing power, taking live commerce to a new level.

Benefits of using Amazon Live for influencers

  • Direct connection with a vast audience ready to shop
  • Ability to earn commissions through product placements and sales
  • Enhanced brand visibility and trust
  • Features like chat to interact live with viewers

Eligibility Criteria for Influencers on Amazon Live

Amazon Influencer Program eligibility

  • Active presence on social media platforms
  • A sizeable, engaged follower base
  • High-quality content that resonates with audiences

Requirements to participate in live streaming

  • Membership in the Amazon Influencer Program
  • Compliance with Amazon's content guidelines

Getting Started: Joining the Amazon Influencer Program

Step-by-step guide to applying for the program

  1. Visit the Amazon Influencer Program page
  2. Click on ‘Join Now’ and select your preferred social network to log in
  3. Fill in the required information and submit your application

Building an engaging Amazon Storefront

  • Create a curated list of products that align with your brand
  • Personalize the storefront to make it more appealing to your audience

Setting Up for Your First Amazon Live Broadcast

Technical setup: camera, microphone, and lighting

  • Invest in a good quality camera and microphone for clear visuals and audio
  • Use proper lighting to create a professional look

Creating a visually appealing setup

  • Choose a clean, uncluttered background that enhances the viewing experience
  • Position products strategically to make them easily visible

Ensuring a stable internet connection

  • A strong, stable internet connection is critical to prevent streaming issues

Planning Your Amazon Live Content

Understanding your audience and what they want

  • Research and identify products that resonate with your audience

Choosing products to feature

  • Feature products you are passionate about and which represent your brand

Designing an engaging content structure

  • Plan an interactive structure with a mix of talks, product demos, and Q&A

The Process of Going Live on Amazon

Using the Amazon Live Creator app

  • Familiarize yourself with the app's features and functionalities

Step-by-step guide to starting a live stream

  1. Open the Amazon Live Creator app
  2. Log in to your influencer account
  3. Set up your stream details and go live

Best practices for engaging viewers during the broadcast

  • Respond to comments and engage with viewers in real-time
  • Provide value through product insights and personal recommendations

Promoting Your Amazon Live Stream

Leveraging social media platforms

  • Share your upcoming live stream schedule on all social channels

Using Amazon's promotional tools

  • Use the promotional tools provided by Amazon to reach a broader audience

Engaging with your audience pre-stream

  • Announce your stream beforehand and build anticipation

Engagement Strategies During the Live Stream

Interacting with viewers in real-time

  • Use the chat feature to answer questions and acknowledge viewer participation

Incorporating Q&A sessions

  • Hold live Q&A sessions to provide added value to your viewers

Exclusive deals and promotions

  • Offer exclusive deals to incentivize viewers to make purchases

After the Stream: Analyzing Performance and Following Up

Understanding Amazon Live metrics

  • Review performance metrics to gauge the success of your stream

Gathering feedback and improving future streams

  • Survey your audience for feedback to refine future presentations

Building relationships with viewers post-stream

  • Follow up with viewers through comments and social media interactions

Common Challenges and Solutions for Amazon Live Streamers

Technical difficulties and troubleshooting

  • Have backup equipment and a quick response plan in place

Content guidelines and compliance

Handling negative comments or reviews

  • Stay professional and address concerns constructively

Monetization Options for Influencers on Amazon Live

Earning commissions through product sales

  • Optimize product selection to maximize commissions

Exploring sponsored content opportunities

  • Partner with brands for sponsored live streams

Additional tips for maximizing earnings

  • Consistently analyze performance data to understand what works

Conclusion and Final Tips for Success on Amazon Live

Recap of key strategies for impactful live streams

  • High-quality production, engaging content, and interactivity are crucial

Encouragement to experiment and be authentic

  • Authenticity resonates with viewers and can lead to higher engagement

Final thoughts on the unique opportunity Amazon Live offers influencers

  • With the current trend of live streaming, Amazon Live is a prime platform for influencers looking to expand their brand and monetize effectively. Your personality and connection with your audience can make all the difference in your success on this interactive and dynamic platform. Go ahead, set up that camera, and let the world see the amazing content you have to offer!

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Additional Questions

How much do Amazon Live influencers make?

**Earnings for Amazon Live influencers can vary greatly,** with some earning between **$4-500 per month depending on their level of activity** and audience size.

How do I get approved to be an Amazon influencer?

**To get approved for the Amazon Influencer Program, you need to have an active and sizeable following on either YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.** If applying with Instagram or Facebook, it’s **mandatory to have a business account**.

How do I get to my Amazon influencer account?

**Accessing your Amazon influencer account is straightforward once you are enrolled in the program.** Simply sign in to your Amazon account and navigate to the influencer program section to manage your profile and activities.

Can anyone do an Amazon Live?

**Amazon Live is accessible to a variety of users, but it is specifically available in the US to vendors with an Amazon Store and professional sellers in the Amazon Brand Registry.** To start streaming, anyone meeting these criteria can download and use the Amazon Live Creator app.

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