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Dominic Andre Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth: $200,000

Dominic Andre is a famous TikTok Star. Dominic is a Aquarius, born on 2/18/1993 in Anaheim, CA. He is a content creator who has used the TikTok app to create short comedy skit and stories, and has gained over 600,000 followers and 9 million likes so far. Many of his videos feature him talking about relatable things that happen in his daily life and he has used his fame on TikTok to start a Youtube channel which already has almost 70,000 subscribers, after just one month.

Fun facts: Dominic has two masters degrees, one from Pepperdine and the other from Chapman University. He is also currently dating Mary Noura, who is featured in many of his videos.

We estimate Dominic’s current net worth to be $200,000. With his massive social media following on both TikTok and Youtube, Dominic makes money from paid promotional posts, and from views/subscribers on his accounts. However, Dominic has stated on his Youtube channel, that the money he makes from ads, he has decided to give away.

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