Breon Ansley Biography, Net Worth & Workout Routine

Breon Ansley: From Football Dreams to Bodybuilding Champion

Breon Ansley's journey to the pinnacle of the bodybuilding world began on the football fields in Texas, where he excelled as a running back before injury cut short his dreams. Today, Ansley is recognized as one of the elite Classic Physique competitors globally, boasting an impressive physique and an inspiring dedication to his craft.

Early Life: Football and Transition to Bodybuilding

Born in 1980 in California, Breon Ansley's childhood consisted of football, workouts, and dreams of playing in the NFL. After a standout high school career, he received a scholarship to play college football for The New Mexico Highlands University. Unfortunately, injuries derailed his football aspirations and forced him to seek new challenges. This came in the form of bodybuilding.

After a couple of years of intense training, Ansley jumped headfirst into the competitive bodybuilding circuit, his natural athletic ability and drive to succeed propelling him up the ranks. While he started in the Men's Physique category, Breon eventually transitioned into the Classic Physique, a division that combines the aesthetics of the golden era of bodybuilding with modern-day muscle mass.

Climbing the Ranks: Competition History and Achievements

Since making his competitive debut in 2008, Breon Ansley has achieved remarkable success in the world of bodybuilding. Some of his most notable accomplishments include:

  • Earning his Pro Card at the 2013 NPC USA Championships
  • Winning the 2017 Mr. Olympia Classic Physique title
  • Defending his Classic Physique title at the 2018 Mr. Olympia

Breon's back-to-back Olympia wins firmly established him as a dominant force in the Classic Physique category. Moreover, his dedication to constantly improving and pushing his limits demonstrates the relentless spirit of a true champion.

Breon Ansley's Estimated Net Worth

Although precise figures are challenging to pin down, Breon Ansley's net worth is estimated to be in the range of $1 million to $5 million. Most of his earnings come from competition winnings, endorsement deals, and personal training services. In fact, Breon runs his own personal training business, aptly named The Classic Coaching, where he helps aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals.

Workouts and Training Philosophy

Breon Ansley's workout routine is rooted in the old-school bodybuilding ethos – heavy weights, high volume, and intensity. His training schedule typically involves five to six days of training per week, focusing on different muscle groups each day.

His workout routine follows a well-structured plan:

  1. Monday: Chest and Triceps
  2. Tuesday: Back and Biceps
  3. Wednesday: Legs, Calves, and Abs
  4. Thursday: Shoulders and Traps
  5. Friday: Arms
  6. Saturday: Light Cardio and Abs
  7. Sunday: Rest

Breon's steadfast belief in consistency, coupled with his mantra of "no days off," has seen him develop a training program suited to his individual requirements and goals. Furthermore, he continually adapts his routine to target weaknesses and ensure balanced development across all muscle groups. This level of customization is crucial for achieving the Classic Physique's specific requirements and proportions.

Nutrition and Diet for a Classic Physique

Ansley credits a significant portion of his success to proper nutrition and dieting. His nutrition plan usually consists of six to seven smaller meals per day, which are high in protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Breon's diet is tailored to fuel his intense workout sessions and support muscle recovery and growth.

Some of the staple foods in his diet include:

  • Chicken breast
  • Turkey
  • Lean steak
  • Brown rice
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Green vegetables
  • Avocado
  • Almonds

Breon also supplements his diet with whey protein, BCAAs, multivitamins, and fish oil to ensure he is supplied with all the necessary nutrients his body requires for optimal performance and growth.

Legacy and Inspiring the Next Generation

Breon Ansley serves as an inspiration to countless bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts around the world. His perseverance in the face of obstacles, commitment to his craft, and impressive accomplishments make him a valuable role model to those seeking success in the bodybuilding world, particularly in the Classic Physique division.

Additionally, Breon's success as a bodybuilder and entrepreneur demonstrates the power of passion and resilience. His impact transcends the bodybuilding stage, as it inspires and motivates individuals from various walks of life to relentlessly pursue their dreams, no matter the adversity they face. As Breon Ansley continues to sculpt his legacy, he remains a shining example of determination, hard work, and the undying spirit of a champion.

How Much Does Chris Bumstead Earn?

Chris Bumstead, also known as CBum, has an impressive net worth of around $10 million. This is largely a result of his successful career in professional bodybuilding, YouTube ad revenue, and exclusive CBum merchandise and supplement sales. It's estimated that CBum makes approximately $50,000 per month from YouTube videos alone.

What are the Different Sources of CBum's Income?

CBum has managed to create a multifaceted income stream that has contributed to his overall net worth. His main sources of income include:

  1. Professional Bodybuilding Competitions: As a decorated bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia Classic Physique champion, CBum earns a significant amount of money from competition winnings and bonuses.

  2. YouTube Ad Revenue: His YouTube channel has garnered over one million subscribers, and with millions of views on his videos, CBum earns a sizeable income from ad revenue on the platform.

  3. Exclusive CBum Merchandise: Chris Bumstead has capitalized on his popularity by selling a range of exclusive CBum-branded clothing and accessories. Fans can show their support by purchasing items from his official online store.

  1. Supplement Sales: CBum has also partnered with supplement companies like Jacked Factory and NutraBio, where he receives a commission from sales made using his affiliate codes or special promotions.

Does CBum Have Sponsorship Deals?

Yes, CBum has several lucrative sponsorship deals that contribute to his income. In addition to supplement companies like Jacked Factory and NutraBio, he is also sponsored by fitness brands such as Gymshark and meal-prep company Trifecta Nutrition. These partnerships not only provide monetary support but also help increase CBum's visibility in the fitness industry.

How Did CBum Become So Successful?

Chris Bumstead's success can be primarily attributed to his dedication to the sport of bodybuilding and his strong work ethic. He has consistently pushed himself to reach new heights, as seen with his multiple Classic Physique Mr. Olympia wins. Apart from that, CBum has leveraged social media and YouTube to connect with fans, document his journey, and create engaging content. This has allowed him to build a loyal following and capitalize on opportunities that have significantly contributed to his net worth.

Does CBum Give Back to the Community?

CBum is known for his charity work and giving back to the community. He has participated in various fundraisers, including one for the SickKids Foundation. Additionally, his YouTube channel and social media accounts consistently feature educational and motivational content that helps inspire the fitness community and those who look up to him.

In conclusion, Chris Bumstead's impressive earnings are a testament to his hard work, dedication to the sport of bodybuilding, and successful ventures in business and content creation. His diverse income streams provide an excellent example for aspiring bodybuilders and fitness entrepreneurs who aim to build a rewarding and sustainable career.

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