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Brandon Harding’s Net Worth

Current estimated net worth: $750,000

Brandon Harding is a famous Youtuber, bodybuilder, and fitness influencer from Worcestershire, England. Brandon was born on January 5, 1997, and is becoming one of the more popular young bodybuilders on social media. He has very quickly amassed more than 500,000 follower on Instagram, and 550,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, due to his impressive physique and relevant fitness content.

Brandon is currently an ambassador for Alphalete and supplements brand HD Muscle. Brandon is also known for dating female fitness influencer “Fitbrittshaheen” until they split in late 2019. He gained most of his recognition after posting a video on Youtube titled “I wasn’t expecting this…”, which gained over 12 million views and many subscribers. In terms of bodybuilding, Brandon has the aspiration of becoming Mr. Olympia; he earned his pro-card and finished first in the European Classic Championship in 2019 and is looking forward to competing in future events. Brandon has also received a lot of praise for being one of the few fitness influencers who admits to being “enhanced”, and reveals his huge transformation as “unnatural”.

Brandon Harding has an estimated net worth of approximately $750,000. In a video he posted on Youtube titled “How much Youtube paid me for a 12 million view video”, Brandon reveals that he earned more than $50,000 from Youtube earnings in the last year, with more than $5,000 of that number coming from his most viewed video. He also earns most of his money through brand deals and through his own brand “HARDBODY” which offers workout programs and even an interactive app for IOS and Android. Brandon makes approximately $225,000 annually, and this number will continue to go up with increased social media exposure and competition placements.

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