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Ben Francis’ (Gymshark) Net Worth

Current estimated net worth: $900 million

Ben Francis is a British businessman and entrepreneur born on June 6, 1992, in Broomsgrove, England. Ben is best known for being the majority shareholder in “Gymshark”, one of the fastest growing fitness brands in the world. He started the company in the garage of his parents’ house with his friend Lewis Morgan while attending Aston university. The two started the clothing company by hand sewing and printing the gym wear and packaging it all themselves, however, the rapid growth of the company forced the two to drop out of school and focus on launching their future clothing empire. Ben had always aspired to create his own company and felt that current gym wear wasn’t well suited for the enthusiastic fitness millennial, and had the vision of building the Gymshark brand. The marketing and promotional techniques used by Ben and his team were absolutely brilliant and forged a new way of reaching the masses by selling products through social media promotion, complete company transparency and outstanding customer service. They used the biggest fitness influencers in the business like; Steve Cook, Nikki Blackketter, Jeff Seid, and David Laid to promote their apparel and accessories, and it sure paid off. The use of limited 24 hour sales, pop-up stores, and an expansive social media marketing strategy has made Gymshark into what it is today.

Gymshark is now selling in over 130 countries and making more than $400 million in annual revenue, an impressive feat for a company launched in 2012 by a pizza delivery boy. In 2019, Lewis left the company and sold his stake for $130 million and Ben stepped down from the role of CEO in the company and hired two more experienced businessmen to take over, however, he chose to take on the role of chief brand officer instead. All of this was in order to accommodate a restructuring of the brand in the right direction and in August 2020, the Gymshark team took on their first investor in General Atlantic, who bought a 21% stake in the company. Ben now owns 70% of Gymshark, and is looking forward to opening a new headquarters in the United States focusing on sales in North America. Outside of his company, Ben enjoys cars and motorcycles and is a season ticket holder at Aston Villa (soccer).

Gymshark is now one of the fastest growing and most successful brands of this decade due to its innovative business strategies and transparent ownership. Ben Francis has been the cornerstone of the whole company’s operation and success and now has an estimated net worth of $900 million. This is largely due to the company’s unprecedented growth and newly acquired investor, General Atlantic. Gymshark is valued at $1.45 billon and Ben’s 70% stake in the company is what has contributed to his outrageous net worth. Just last year, he was worth $350 million with a 67% stake and without the investor group, and has since added $550 million to his bank account. He is no longer the CEO and therefore doesn’t receive a salary, however, his annual income is based on the growth of the company due to his majority ownership.

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