Arizona Zervas Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth: $350 thousand

Arizona Zervas, also known as “AZ”, is a singer/songwriter from Maryland, USA. Arizona released his first song in 11th grade, and after this his music quickly spread to the underground music scene. AZ finally made his break through when he released a video during the halftime of the 2016 super bowl which took the internet by storm reaching 8 million views in one week.

He is not signed to any label currently. Arizona recently had a break through single “Roxanne”, which vaulted to number six in the Rolling Stone Top 100 Chart, with over 15 million streams. The Rolling Stone Magazine reports that, ” “Roxanne” sounds like a Post Malone demo that accidentally ended up in Zervas’ inbox.” No wonder this song has had so much success.

Arizona Zervas has an estimated net worth of $350 thousand. Although he is a relatively unknown artist on the music hit lists, he won’t be for long. He currently has almost 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify and much of this is due to his smash single “Roxanna”, which has over 35 million streams alone. With this song, AZ has officially put himself on the map and his net worth will grow substantially over the coming months.


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