Alfonsina Storni Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth: $2.91 Million
Estimated Salary: $184 Thousand
Known For: Poet
Birthdate: May 29, 1892
Birthplace: Switzerland

Net Worth & Salary

Based on my research, I estimate that Alfonsina Storni has an estimated 2023 net worth of roughly $2.91 Million and an estimated annual salary of $184 Thousand.


Alfonsina Storni was a Latin-American modernist poet whose works include The Restlessness of the Rose and Sweet Injury. She was born in Switzerland on May 29, 1892 to a family of Italian-Swiss heritage, but spent most of her childhood in Puerto Rico and Argentina. At the age of fifteen, she joined a traveling theatre troupe and toured around Argentina performing works by Henrik Ibsen, Benito Perez Galdos, and Florencio Sanchez.

In 1912, she gave birth to an illegitimate son named Alejandro. Despite the social stigma of being a single mother, she continued to write and publish her works. Her most famous poem, ā€œIā€™m Going to Sleep,ā€ was sent to a publisher shortly before she drowned herself in the ocean at Mar del Plata, Argentina. Several of her works, including Teatro infantil (Theatre for Children) and Nosotras y la piel (We Women and the Skin), were published posthumously.

Alfonsina Storni was a close friend of Uruguayan playwright and poet Horacio Quiroga. She was a major influence in the Latin-American modernist movement and her works are still studied and celebrated today. Her legacy as a poet and a single mother continues to inspire many people around the world.

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